Thursday, 31 December 2009

Annual Reading Meme 2009

Thanks to Catherine for this annual round-up meme.

How many books read in 2009?
About 65, I think - there are 56 books reviewed here, I've re-read a couple, and there have been a number of critical works read for my DPhil that I've not blogged about.

Fiction/Non-Fiction ratio?
I've reviewed 18 non-fiction works and probably read 25 this year, so still getting on for 2:1 in favour of fiction.  I'm never sure where to count poetry on that particular divide.

Male/Female authors?
16 male authors and 33 female authors.

Favourite book read?
Probably the most enjoyable was Waterlog, but honourable mentions to The War-Workers, Miss Buncle's Book and The Rest is Noise

Least favourite?
I was probably most disappointed by The Whole Day Through and the very silly Nightingale Wood.

Oldest book read?
New Grub Street was the only pre-twentieth-century book I read last year.

I've read a few 2009 publications this year but The Little Stranger was probably read nearest its date of issue.

Longest book title?
The excellently named Ladies, Please Don't Smash These Windows, assuming subtitles are to be ignored.

Shortest title?
I think it must be Waterlog.

How many re-reads?
Not so many this year, although certainly Diary of a Provincial Lady, Cold Comfort Farm and I Capture the Castle. I've made frequent reference to Andi Clevely's The Allotment Book and Denis Cotter's Wild Garlic, Gooseberries and Me.

Most books read by one author this year?
E M Delafield is unsurprisingly this year's winner - I've read seven of her novels plus assorted short pieces of writing.

Any in translation?
Tove Jansson's A Winter Book.

And how many of this year’s books were from the library?
About five of the titles I've blogged about, and probably about 10 unreviewed books. I'm now a member of four libraries, and I have no more room on my bookshelves, so that figure ought to go up next year.

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