Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Do Shrimps Make Good Mothers?

Delafield fans will remember the Provincial Lady asking herself this odd question, and I came across another reference to it yesterday in Winifred Holtby's Women and a Changing Civilisation and was finally inspired to look it up.  "Do Shrimps Make Good Mothers?" turns out to be the title of a comic song that was popular in the 1920s.  Here are the Two Gilberts (neither, apparently, actually called Gilbert) singing it, from 1924:

As you'll hear, the answer to the question is an emphatic "Yes, they do".


  1. Lovely!
    I found Is Izzy As He Was? (or Iz Izzy Azzy Woz, perhaps) on youtube, after the Provincial Lady mention.

  2. Thanks Simon, I'll have a look for that - I had vaguely assumed she'd made that one up.

    I hope the shrimps were palate-cleansing, if you see what I mean, after In Cold Blood!