Wednesday, 31 October 2012

My Life in Books

The lovely Simon of Stuck in a Book very kindly invited me to participate in his online version of My Life in Books, and my responses appear today, with those of fellow blogger Margaret from BooksPlease, a delightful blog that I've only just discovered.  You also get to find out what we thought of each other's choices - Margaret pegged me as a keen swimmer based on mine! Do have a look; the series runs all week and the choices and comparisons are fascinating.


  1. Nice to 'meet' you Tanya! I go to a local 'face-to-face' book group and we met this week. We were choosing which book to read in January and one of the other people suggested 'Waterlog' and I was able to say I'd heard it was good - in the end the majority chose Roger Deakin's 'Wildwood'. I'm going to look out for 'Waterlog' to read as well.

    I see from your comment on Simon's blog that you're an admirer of Karen Armstrong's books too. I can't remember how I found her books - it may have been after seeing on on some TV discussion programme - I find her fascinating to watch and to read.

  2. Thanks again for participating, Tanya - and it's lovely to unite you with a blogger I think you'll love, and vice versa! When pairing bloggers, I'm always tempted to put like-minded people together, but then I shuffle things a bit so that the paired bloggers are a little different, but will both be interested by the other's taste. That's my hope, anyway!